From Father Peter’s Desk

From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 21st February, 2018

The Suggestion Box Strikes Again #2. Dear Parishioners, We (members of the Parish Team) have received another 13 suggestions over this last while. Thank you very much indeed. They were all read and discussed at the Parish Pastoral Council meeting. A couple of these regarding safety have been dealt with immediately. Others can be dealt...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 14th February, 2018

This Week: The End of the Alleluias! The Alleluias were buried at 10.00 Mass on Sunday. The First Communion children coloured Alleluias and placed them solemnly in the basket that was then buried under the altar by the ‘Joseph of Arimathea’ team. No Alleluias will be said sung or whispered in the whole parish during...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 7th February, 2018

Lent is in the air. The readings at Mass, the Lenten Spiritual Fitness programme, the preparation of the ashes and the painting of the Alleluias all point towards that wonderful season when we put God at the heart of things. This week we also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Parish Hospitality...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 2nd February, 2018

In the Golden Ball no less, that’s where we met this year for the Prayer for Christian Unity. Rev. Rob Clements, the Rector of Kilternan Church of Ireland considered that we should bring the event into a public space so that we might give witness to the world of our efforts to pray together and...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 25th January, 2018

It was history in the making. The first ever Sponsor’s Party held in the Pastoral Centre on Saturday afternoon. ‘Cakes and Cushions’ was the indication on the invitation. The Confirmation Children (sitting on their cushions) interviewed their sponsors and asked them about the people they admire, their heroes and the name they took for their...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 17th January, 2018

They filed in two by two. The Confirmation Children with the First Holy Communion Children. They gathered around the altar and exchanged the promise to pray for each other. This was the opening to the 10.00 Mass this Sunday. The Mass highlighted the journeys our children make in the faith this year. It was truly...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 10th January, 2018

The children who were baptised during the year with their families were invited to the 12.45pm Mass on Sunday to celebrate together the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The Baptism team organises and contacts all the families for this very happy occasion. We had 43 baptisms in the Parish in 2017. We had...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 3rd January, 2018

‘How did Christmas go so quickly?” – The question so many children ask… a different perspective perhaps than many parents. In the Parish, Advent and Christmas were times of huge participation in the liturgies and of great generosity. Both Crosscare and St. Vincent de Paul sent letters of gratitude for the overwhelming response to their...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 20th December, 2017

There have been 364 sleeps since last Christmas and here we are again enjoying this magical time of year as a community of faith, the family of God. Everyone has something to say about Christmas and here are a few quotes I have picked up over the year: “He who has not Christmas in his...

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From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 12th December, 2017

This Week : The best aerobics, the best Christmas Carols, the best school singing, the Leinster Orchestra .. it all happened on Sunday afternoon in the Parish Carol service. ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’ ended a wonderful hour and truly created the Christmas spirit. Adults and children alike left with a big smile. But many...

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