• Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue

    Remember the beautiful song that Katy Blythe and the other Pittsburgh Pilgrims left us with on that glorious July night a few weeks ago? Well, by courtesy of Navan Parish, here are the words to that song, in the form of a Prayer Card to Our Lady. We are eternally grateful to both Katy and Navan Parish!!




    Lovely Lady Dressed in blue,

    Teach Me How To Pray,

    God was just your ‘little Boy

    Tell me what to say!


    Did you lift him up, sometimes?

    Gently, on your knee?

    Did you sing to him the way

    Mother does to me?


    Did you hold His hand at night?

    Did you ever try

    Telling stories of the world?

    Oh! And did He cry?


    Do you really think He cares

    If I tell Him things –

    Little things that happen? And

    Do the angels’ wings


    Make a noise? And can He hear

    Me if I speak low?

    Does He understand me now?

    Tell me – for you know?


    Lovely Lady dressed in blue!

    Teach me how to pray!

    God was just your ‘little Boy’,

    And you know The Way.

  • Organist Required @ Balally, August 2017

    Organist required to play in Church of the Ascension of the Lord, Balally Parish, Dublin 16. Responsibilities include one Sunday Mass and one rehearsal mid-week from the end of August 2017 to the middle of June, plus Christmas and Easter ceremonies, and two concerts. The person appointed will work in close collaboration with the Choir Director.

    Applications with CV should be sent to :

  • Balally Goes Live!

    Our church is now live on the Internet; all our church services are available for viewing by clicking here;

    It is possible to view the live stream on PC’s, laptops and a range of Apple and Android devices.  In order to view the live stream, your device will need the following:

    • A minumum of a 1 MB broadband line
    • A PC or similar device that supports flash player
    • The latest version of flash player

    If you’re viewing on a mobile device or Tablet, the Church Services website will automatically bring you to the mobile version of the website.


  • The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary: 15th August, 2017

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to venerate Mary’s assumption, body and soul, into heaven next Monday 14th August, 2017 at 7.30pm and on Tuesday, 15th August 2017 at 10am & 1.10pm in our church, through the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

  • Pittsburgh Pilgrims: Coda

    The abundant stream of Graces associated with our Pittsburgh Pilgrims continued to flow, even after their departure last weekend.

    Fr. Jay & Fr. Peter visited the National Gallery in London during the past week, expecting to view the three Caravaggio paintings normally held there. You can imagine their disappointment to discover two of the paintings were out on loan to other museums! However, Providence intervened, and while viewing that sole Caravaggio in the National Gallery they starting chatting to a person who encouraged them to pay a visit to Tyburn Gallows, just down the road from the Gallery.

    When they arrived there they discovered Tyburn Convent; a shrine of perpetual adoration dedicated to the memory of the Tyburn Martyrs. Tyburn Gallows was a site for public executions, particularly infamous for executions of Catholic priests. 105 Catholics were executed in Tyburn. Saint Oliver Plunkett, an Irishman, was the last Catholic martyr executed at Tyburn, in 1681. The convent also contains an original gallows used for actual executions on the site.

    Needless to say both Fr. Peter and, even more so, Fr. Jay were greatly moved by ‘encountering’ this shrine and by absorbing the significance of the heroic deeds of one hundred and five people willing to die for their love of God.

    If you’d like to discover why Fr. Jay decided to turn away from a ‘Wall Street’ career and become a priest have a look at the video below;


  • Thursday Prayer, 3rd August 2017: “Building Friendship With Jesus”

    The theme for this Thursday morning’s prayer meeting is “Building Friendship With Jesus”. The meeting starts at 10am in our church.

  • “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”: The Photographs

    Photos from last night’s celebration are available for viewing here, by courtesy of Aileen.

  • “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”

    Tonight we bade good bye to the Pittsburgh Pilgrims in a riot of joy at the parish centre.

    The video below “Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue”, led by Katie, captures the spirit of not only this evening’s celebration but of the entire encounter with the people of our parishes and their visits to holy shrines all over our beautiful country.

    “Parting is such sweet sorrow”…….for we know we will meet our friends again, soon.

  • Summer 2017: Uplifting Content #4, “The Irreverent Reverands”









    Time for a podcast uplift this time around….is there such a thing as a comedian-priest? Why not join Fr. John Nepil, Fr. Michael Rapp, Fr. Nathan Goebel, and Fr. Michael O’Loughlin for a wonderfully witty, intelligent and thoughtful weekly discussion on their daily adventures, books worth reading and philosophies of life, to mention but a few. These guys are the best of craic and broadcast from Denver, Colorado.

    Check them out here and, on Facebook, here.

  • Camino 2017: More Photos

    For some more photos of our Camino 2017 click here , by courtesy of Jack Arigho.

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