Summer 2017: Uplifting Content #3, “Benvenuti Al Sud (Welcome To The South)”

We continue our series with an Italian film which is guaranteed to bring an abundance of smiles to your face and, perhaps, some tears of joy to your eyes. ‘Benvenuti Al Sud’ is the story of a post office manager from the ‘urban’ north of Italy who is transferred to the ‘provincial’ south of Italy. Needless to say he finds great difficulty adapting to the new culture he finds there. But, not only  does he does adapt to the culture, he re-discovers himself. There is a saying in the south of Italy; “You will cry twice when you visit the south; once when you arrive and once, when you leave“. This film is a hilarious and moving depiction of the truth of this saying.

The DVD is available for purchase here. Or if you contact us at we’ll lend it to you for free.

Plus, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not also try the sequel ‘Benvenuti Al Nord’, where the inverse culture-shock is depicted. Both ‘Sud’ and ‘Nord’ DVDs are available for purchase in a single box here.  Or if you contact us at we’ll lend both to you for free.