• on 7th December, 2018

A Gift For You: The Immaculate Conception, 8th December 2018

CELEBRATE with us; this evening (Friday) @ 7.30pm, tomorrow (Saturday) @
10am and 1.10pm
The Virgin Mary is given more graces than any creature in history, because
she has the most special and unique role, as the hinge of the Incarnation,
the woman from whom Jesus Christ takes flesh, the woman who conceives,
bears, births, and raises Jesus Christ, mothering him, serving him, and
following him even to the cross. For nine months, she was his sanctuary and
his earthly Temple.
God preserves her from sin, so that the Ark of the New Covenant will be a
spotless and pure abode for our Lord. In exchange for the much that she has
been given, much is expected. This is fulfilled in her ready responsiveness
to Christ, but it doesn’t stop with the end of her earthly life. After all,
the Virgin Mary is given to the world for all of us, because she’s given to
the world for the sake of Jesus’ mission. And that mission is ongoing. So
it is *because* God chose Mary from all eternity, purified her, and brought
about the Incarnation (and our subsequent salvation) through her free
cooperation that we can count on her to continue to give freely and
generously from the wealth of graces which she has received. *Santa Maria,
Immaculata, ora pro nobis!*
*By courtesy: Joe Heschmeyer, Word On Fire

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