• on 10th April, 2021

A Lenten Journey of Transformation

A Lenten Journey of Transformation

“That sounds like a Catholic bootcamp”, “Why would you want to make Lent even longer than it is!” Such were the words of ‘encouragement’ that my friends gave me when I told them I was committing to the Exodus 90 ‘Spiritual Exercise’ for men and asked them if they’d like to join me on the journey. For a full ninety days; essential purchases only, no alcohol, no snacks, no desserts, no TV, no News, no Gaming, only Music which points to the Transcendent, no leisure use of the Internet, a Holy Hour of Prayer and Reflection every day, fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays, cold showers only, thrice-weekly, intense exercise. Well, who could blame my friends for their lack of enthusiasm? It’s a long and tough list. On the other hand, it was a chance to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ and to help form me into a ‘man for others’.

The Exodus 90 participants form ‘fraternities’; small groups of men, ideally from the same area, who meet weekly and keep in daily contact with each other to help, guide one another through the exercise and the joys and challenges which it brings. It truly was a gift to be able to link up with other, like-minded men, who gave me great friendship and support.
So, as I write on day eighty-six of the exercise, I can confirm that the exercise is ‘no bed of roses’ and will open up many of your weaknesses which you might initially prefer to remain undercover, it’s a great Joy for me to let you know that this exercise really has changed my life and will change YOUR life, for the better, in every way; physically, mentally but, most important of all, spiritually. And, of course it will also bring great benefits to your relationships; the people who are nearest and dearest to you; they’ll see a ‘new’, transformed man, a man ‘for others’.
If you’d like to find out more about it or even, perhaps, participate in Exodus 90 yourself feel free to give me a shout, anytime.
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