• on 23rd March, 2022

A Word From Father Jim: 23rd March 2022

I greet you from the bunker/ monastery. Father Dermot and I are being extremely careful and cautious and won’t appear in public( and then at a distance) until the weekend . I’m sorry we will miss the first Synod gathering but I have no doubt the Holy Spirit will be very active without us! Do be careful though. I’m upset that I hear in so many public settings around the country people are not wearing masks. So make sure to do so at the meeting on Thursday and at Mass. Thanks to Brid and Marie for facilitating the meetings and the small group leaders .

I’m blessed to have my 2 periods of meditation each day . I join the English community of WCCM at 7.30am and 6pm on line daily. It really roots me in prayer. I’m reading a fascinating book “ Maranatha Yoga “ on the relationship between yoga and Christian Meditation.And I often join the monks of Glenstal for prayer. Speaking of this, when we have Abbot Christopher with us on Wednesday March 30 ( 7.30 pm) to bless our icons we will have Glenstal Compline ( Night Prayer) with him. I guarantee you, it’s a thing of beauty.

I read a beautiful piece from a Benedictine monk on the liturgy and how we all should actively participate. It’s worth quoting from and explains well some of the like changes I have introduced

“Lay people are called to make the inner journey from mere attendance to full participation. We do not ‘attend Mass,’ but rather we bring our lives to it and participate and both priests and lay people celebrate the Sacrament together.‘In the liturgical assembly, there is no audience, rather the entire congregation acts’.

What of priests? Priests also need to make the journey from ‘my Mass’ to a real sense of concelebration with all those present. Father om a practical but deeply symbolic point of view: hosts for all participating should be consecrated at each Eucharistic Celebration. There should not be a host for the priest different from the hosts for the faithful, the hosts for the faithful should not be taken from the tabernacle, priests and lay people should receive the Sacrament under both species. (Post Covid)”

Father Jim and Father Dermot are making progress and hope 2 b back at the weekend .Father Jim received a message from the Archbishop in which he says he is receiving many reports about COVID in the diocese .Please continue 2 take great care .Mask wearing is strongly recommended. If u plan 2 attend the Synod meeting tomorrow night 24th remember u are in a confined area and protect others and yourself.

With love

Father Jim

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