• on 29th July, 2022

A Word From Father Jim: 28th July 2022

A Word From Fr Jim.

While I was in France, my dear friend Sr Mary Norah O’ Connor died suddenly.
Some of you will have known her if you had any association with Muckross Park College.
An example of living life to the full, Norah was 87, but vivacious and lively to the end.
She was a wonderful educationalist and deeply loved by staff, students and parents
quite a remarkable feat for a principal!!!.
Norah was on fire with the love of God and love of young people, a real embodiment of meditation and service.

Last Saturday in the Irish Times, Breda O’ Brien reflected on her life but also on the demonization of nuns in recent times.
Their massive contribution in the field of education, health care, and service of the poor has been airbrushed out of history and replaced by a narrative of abuse and cruelty.
This is part of the story certainly, but let’s not forget the other story. Let’s be thankful also for the massive contribution of sisters to our parish, not least that of our current
FCJ Sr’s Katherine, Mary and Eileen.

I’ll leave the last word to Breda O’ Brien.
“I see the demonization of all religious sisters as a kind of quiet Martyrdom of the good women who were trailblazers, who modelled leadership for generations of young women
at a time when so few women were visible in public life.
I worry that when the history books are written, these women will be quietly erased,
their positive impact forgotten, their stories consigned to the memory hole. There are still lots of people around who have experienced the self – effecting goodness
of women in religious life”.

With my love & Blessing Fr Jim

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  1. May Sr Mary Norah rest in peace. I didn’t know her, those who did were lucky. I have nothing but praise and admiration for all the religious sisters I have encountered here in Balally, at School in Loreto College and in various Hospitals down the years. They inspired confidence, were hard working and God fearing. It is terrible what we are know now; society and the Government must also take responsibility.

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