• on 29th June, 2022

A Word From Father Jim: 29th June 2022

A Word from Fr Jim
At a meeting this week of the Parish Liturgy Committee, we discussed the
question of Funeral Eulogies.
There are different opinions on this matter and so we agreed to adopt the
following policy with immediate effect.
1. The Funeral Liturgy is a moment of prayer
and sacred ritual.
2. We are happy to allow families to remember their loved one n a way which
is respectful, enriching and brief.
3. Thus, we will welcome families to arrive at the Church
15 minutes before the start of the Mass (e.g. at 9.45am for 10.00am Mass.)
4. The body will be blessed at the door of the Church and welcomed by the
priest and Funeral Team. One speaker can give a eulogy reflection lasting no
more than 10 minutes. This should finish 5 minutes before the start of the
5. A bell will ring, so that the Mass starts promptly at the
assigned time. In this way, the liturgy is respected and the life of the deceased is
This policy will be implemented with immediate effect and communicated to
the families. Speaking of funerals, I want to say thanks to our wonderful
Funeral Team.
I am looking for a small group of people who are willing to be Ministers at the
grave/ cremation. It is a beautiful Ministry. If you feel called, let me know by email at (jcaffrey73@gmail.com or through
the Parish Office. Training will be provided. I am particularly interested in
hearing from anybody who is not currently involved in Ministry in the
Parish —maybe Jesus is calling you.
With Love Fr Jim

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  1. I loved the sentiment, and the Instruction. God Bless Father Jim

  2. That idea does not rest easy with me Father Jim; however see how well it works. While many will be present ahead of time perhaps the people who most wish to hear these eulogies will not and that would be a pity.

    1. Hi Mary

      Thanks for your remarks. Eulogies divide opinions for sure.What we are trying to do is to give people a sense of being welcome in the church and giving them a chance to remember their loved one( many won’t want to do this at all as they don’t like them) We also want to preserve the integrity of the Eucharist, a lengthy eulogy can upset this.

      Of course we will keep the matter under review. On your specific point I have celebrated funerals in parishes who are doing what we propose. The undertakers publicise the arrangements in advance and people know what time it will happen so there was no difficulty at all . But we will see! Nothing is written in stone

      God bless

      Fr Jim

      1. Thank you for your reply Fr Jim.

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