• on 14th July, 2022

A Word From Fr Jim: 14th July 2022

A Word From Fr Jim

I greet you all with love from Bonnevaux, a former Cistercian monastery,

200 miles from Paris. It was lived in and prayed in by monks for 400 years before being closed forcibly at the time of the French Revolution.
It’s been reborn again as a new style monastery,

a monastery without walls” by the World Community of Christian Meditation. The Community was founded by

Fr John Main, who on his death passed on the leadership to

Fr Laurence Freeman. Fr Laurence is a Benedictine monk, who has been allowed by his community to be a monk in the world, spreading the message of meditation, using the now familiar mantra Maranatha.

These days are a huge blessing for me and an opportunity

to spend a lot of quality time with Fr Laurence. My friend

Caroline Stratton is with me and it has been a great pleasure listening and receiving wisdom teaching. I was reflecting

today at how blessed I am in my life to have Fr Dermot as my theology mentor and Fr Laurence as my spiritual guide.

Fr Laurence is thrilled that we in Balally are willing to

undertake the journey of being a parish of Contemplation and Service. He will

I know offer guidance and support to us on the journey. Every week you will find a reflection from him on the spiritual path.
Bonnevaux is a place rebuilt and reborn…so May it be in Balally.

With my blessing and love from Bonnevaux

Bonnevaux Photo Gallery:


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