• on 25th August, 2022

A Word From Fr Jim: 25th August 2022

A Word From Fr Jim.


As I write this, I hear on the news that the Bishops have called for greater concern for those hit by the hike in the cost of living. It reminds us that our faith needs to be real and practical. One of the criticisms often launched against meditation is that it is selfish. In the 60s a woman wrote to the Cistercian Monk Thomas Merton- “I just don’t trust this meditation business. All you do is sit and contemplate your belly button and look for peaceful feelings while the rest of the world goes hungry.” Merton, who as well as being a famous monk was also a passionate advocate for social justice famously replied, “it is from deep silence that I find the gentleness with which I can truly love my brothers and sisters.

The more I pray, the more loving I should be.

I’m not interested in a meditation that is about focusing on myself.

My kind of meditation focuses my attention off myself onto the other, who calls me to love my brother, my sister, especially the poorest and weakest. That’s why when we are talking here in balally about Building Hope through meditation and service, the most important word is AND.

Don’t forget to put Fr Laurence’s talk in your diary,

Tuesday 13th September @7.00pm.


With my love & Blessing

Fr Jim

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  1. Thank you Fr Jim. With your help we will achieve a successful way of Meditating. I know the benefits are many. I’m sorry I will miss Fr Laurence but I will checkout Recording. I hope his visit will be very successful; it is great he has found time to visit the Monastery without walls in Balally.

    Many thanks

    Mary Hannon

  2. Thanks for that lovely comment Mary

    Fr Jim

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