• on 2nd December, 2018


It’s that time of year again, when the Christmas commercial wave is in full
swell! If you are asking yourself ‘what’s it all about anyway?’, you might
be drawn to the Advent gatherings in Balally church which take place at
7.00 am in the morning on each weekday of Advent. Starting on Monday 3rd
December, these gatherings offer a quiet space for preparation for the
celebration of the coming of Christ at Christmas. The sessions take about
20-25 minutes and use Scripture, silence and music to focus the mind, heart
and spirit on the coming event. Those who have at- tended in other years
will testify that it provides a peaceful and wholesome opportunity to
prepare in an empowering way far from the madness of shops, spending and
pressure that has become the norm. It’s a drop in event, so you can come
any morning that suits you. There is also something about the timing that
is wholesome, as one enters the church in darkness and the birds are
beginning to twitter and the dawn has broken by the time one emerges, re-
freshed, some 25 minutes later. The service is lay led by a group of
parishioners. Have a think about it! P.S. If anyone out there would like to
help any morning they would be most welcome. Please contact Kay at 086
8410917 or the Parish office.

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