• on 11th March, 2022

Aid To Ukraine: Update from Pasquale, 9th March 2022

Today I (Pasquale) and Neil K. brought a car and van full of supplies to a warehouse in D12.

The supplies, mostly non-perishable food and items such as sleeping bags, nappies and blankets, are going to be packed and shipped to Ukraine via Poland.

I am blown away by the response from people in my local church, Balally Parish, friends and colleagues (my wife’s).

This is the second trip that I do to deliver goods. The first time it was a packed car. This second time it was a packed car and van.

This all started with my wife mentioning that there was a special transport directed to Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

The transport was organised by a company called Gycu Trans, which we often use to receive packages from Romania.

My wife and stepdaughter went to the local Aldi to buy things to donate.

We thought we mentioned it to some of our friends, Deborah from Physiofit Woman, Leonel and Mariete, and my wife’s colleagues.

At the same time I thought I would mention it to my local parish priest, Fr Jim C.

The special transport, a truck driving to the Romanian border, filled up quickly and we had to find another way to send the supplies we had already bought.

Meanwhile, the number of items donated started to grow.

The same Romanian company pointed us to a contact within the embassy of Ukraine in Dublin, Ludmila.

She mentioned a warehouse in D12 where volunteers pack supplies to be sent directly to Ukraine.

I did my first delivery last week: seven boxes full of non-perishable food and emergency accommodation items.

Father Jim mentioned during mass both during the week and on weekends. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming.

When I went to mass last Saturday I was in shock about the amount of items collected.

The number of good was such that I had to organise a van, which was kindly offered by a friend and client of mine, Neil K. from Marathonkids Ireland and Dublin Marathon.

Today myself and Neil collected the donations from the church and drove up and delivered them in D12.

I am very grateful for all those who donated and in general for being able to give a little help to Ukrainian refugees.

I was told by Andriy, one of the organisers, that the good will go directly to Ukraine via Poland.

I am sure each item donated will make a great difference!

For more details;

From Balally Parish, Friends & Colleagues to Ukraine

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