• on 9th June, 2020

An Explanation Of “The Covid Cross” By The Artist, Jimmy Burns

An explanation of “The Covid Cross” by the artist Jimmy Burns
The circular canvas suited my concept of no beginning and no end….
The equal devision of the circle can be created harmoniously with the Yin and Yang motif…light and dark
The equilateral triangle came to mind when Father Peter talked about ‘The Cross of St.John’ by Salvador Dali, depicting the crucified Christ in the same triangle.
The three corners of the triangle are marked by the nails……
The white host over the chalice and the white dove (The Holy Spirit) are both sources of light in the dark side of the Yin Yang divide.
The olive branch and fish symbolises the Church’s role of peacemaker and spiritual provider.
The focal point of the painting is the palm Cross, highlighted by its contrast against the various blue backgrounds…..and a reminder of the many crosses outside on the Wall of a Thousand Crosses.
The crown of thorns dominates the top with the bright sky contrast.
Finally, in the centre of the composition and cross, there is the Alpha and Omega…………Beginning and End.
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