Balally Lenten 7-Pack 2018

The Seven Pack: The Lent you always wanted…
LENT is very close. It is going to be a special lent in preparation for the World Meeting of Families.
We want you to be spiritually fit so we offer a spiritual fitness programme: “The Seven Pack” for families.
We want lent to be a special time for families. So what does the “Seven Pack” contain?
* It asks families to see a family movie together (and some suggestions are included)
* It asks families to visit a special place in Dublin or Ireland during lent (a list of fascinating Pilgrimages will be included)
* It will include the Trócaire box and asks families to bring it back to the Church at 15.00 on Good Friday and place it at the foot of the Cross.
* It will include the readings for every Sunday of lent and asks families to read them together at some time during the week.
* It asks families to choose a few words that will not be used in the family during lent.
* It asks families to choose a time every week when they will sit with each other, chat and not look at any devices.
* And finally it will include a list of “Works of Mercy” and each family can choose one it will do during lent.
If you want to sign up for the “Seven Pack” please use the sign-up sheets at the Parish entrance or on the Parish web site.
If you are alone .. you are not alone. You can invite some of your friends to be your spiritual family this lent and do the “Seven Pack” together.
If you are a widow or a widower you could join up with other people in you same circumstance and do the “Seven Pack” together.
If your family is not interested you might join up with another family and do the “Seven Pack” with them ….
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now, below!

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