• on 4th February, 2021

Balally Parish 400 Club: Annual Review & Appeal


7th February 2021

It is that time of year again when I wish to give you a progress report on the activities of the 400 Club.

First of all it is most important for me to say, on behalf of the Parish, a sincere word of thanks to all of our present members for your continuing loyalty and support for the 400 Cub Draw.

Due to the effect and impact of the Covid 19 crises over the last ten months, and judging from present trends, the income to the Parish funds from the 400 Club Draw has taken on a new significance. In this respect I am very pleased to report that the response of our Parishioners and parishioners from neighbouring parishes has been most encouraging. From a position in 2016 when the membership was in a downward trend to below 300 this last year has produced an increase in membership to 408. This is a magnificent response by members of this Parish and of neighbouring parishes to what has been and continues to be very difficult times. The increased membership has had a two fold effect namely, as the proceeds from the Draw are divided, roughly fifty fifty between income to the Parish and Prizes the increased income has made it possible to provide additional prizes at Christmas and Easter, approximately eighty in all, in addition to the cash prizes of € 1,600.00 every month. This means that the chance of winning something for the members is not confined to one of four opportunities per month.

The income from the Draw has enabled the parish to do things it would not otherwise be able to afford.

For instance, recently, the lighting system has been renewed

Also the CCTV system has been updated and modernised which included the addition of outside cameras which is essential for security. purposes. The heating system required overhauling in the last year also.

These different works could not be done without the income from the 400 Club Draw.

Let me explain briefly how the 400 club works.

Subscribers pay €10 a month over a twelve month period and there is a draw at the end of each month. Approximately half of the subscriptions go back in prizes.

Based on the present level of subscription first prize is €1000, with a second prize of €300.00, a third prize of €200 and a fourth prize of €100.00.

As already mentioned, in addition to the cash prizes we were in a position to offer additional prizes of hampers and other prizes for the December Draw.

Also, at Easter it has been possible to offer additional prizes in the form of Easter Eggs. You can see from this that we want to increase the prize content in accordance with the success of the Draw.

The remainder of the subscriptions go directly to the parish which is an essential income and is additional to the Family Offering.

This means that over the last 37 years the 400 club has given back to subscribers in prize money in excess of half a million euro with over half a million euro going to the parish.

Over the years there has been a natural turnover in membership due to death, due to people moving out of the area, and due to people withdrawing for personal reasons. This means there is a constant need to recruit new members.

For this reason we are appealing for new members and hopefully, continue the upward trend in membership.

There are a number of advantages to being a member.

First of all by being a member you are supporting our parish and its many pastoral activities and needs.

Secondly, you have the possibility of getting back something in return for your subscription.

And thirdly, remember that you even have a much better chance of winning from this particular draw than winning from the lotto.

There is a choice of how you pay your subscription.

  1. Payment can be made in cash or cheque, in an envelope with name and marked 400 Club. In other words you can subscribe by cash or cheque. To facilitate this method, payment can be made in the Parish Office between Tuesday and Friday 10.00 A.M to 2.30 P.M.

2.Payment can also be made by signing up to a standing order. If this is your preference the necessary forms are available in the Parish Office. For administrative reasons subscription by standing order is preferable but the cash method of payment is equally acceptable.

Due to the lockdown we are unable to reach our worshipping congregation, which we would usually do. Under the circumstances this report will be available to view on the Parish website. Also, enquiries or applications for membership can be made to the Parish Office at 01 295 4296 .

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