• on 20th October, 2018

Balally Parish Website: A Welcome Update!

Fr. Peter has composed a beautiful new message of Welcome for the Parish website, on behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council. It may be viewed here; https://www.balallyparish.ie/welcome/



Welcome to the Church of the Ascension. Through this Parish Website, we hope to tell you a little bit about ourselves and give you the information you might require.  

The Parishioners of Balally built this Church with great effort and generosity. It was finished in 1982. Many of the first Parishioners are still active in the community, and many have gone home to God.

The Church structure is unusual as Churches go, but its building was inspired by the Second Vatican Council. Its layout highlighted the belonging to the family of God. From the tapestry of the Burning Bush (at the very centre behind the Tabernacle) the walls extend like open arms and embrace all who enter and immerse them in the Divine Presence. That Divine Presence is underscored by each of the windows which are dedicated to the opening verses of the Book of Genesis.

The configuration of the building facilitates the participation of each and every member in the liturgy. No one feels far away or distant from the Altar, and all can be seen. At the middle of the Altar, there is the icon of the Washing Of The Feet inviting all who enter to serve others as Christ has served us.

Since its foundation, the Parish has tried to be welcoming and inclusive. The ownership of the Parish by the Parishioners has been highlighted through the Parish Pastoral Council, which represents the parishioners in all critical decisions; by the Finance Committee which guarantees the safe administration of the funds of the Parish; by the Board of Management which oversees the use of the Pastoral Centre and by several other teams and groups who ensure the continued operation and vitality of the Christian Community. Besides these groups, many volunteers selflessly contribute to the life of the Parish with their talents, their time and their treasures. Many go unrecognised, many work in silence and anonymity.

As you browse through the pages of this website you might feel inspired to send us a comment or a suggestion, or there might be something amiss .. don’t hesitate to send us a note.


Fr. Peter F. Byrne ,Co-PP

On Behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council.

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