• on 29th February, 2016

BEG News

Would you walk a mile to save a life? That’s a stupid question , I hear you say. Of course you would, so would anyone. Well, no one is asking you/us to walk a mile. Instead, we are being asked to make a decision to change the way we live our lives in small ways, as a step towards achieving Climate Justice and thereby saving lives.

The light of the climate justice candle which shone in our church during the past week represented the light of hope, encouraging worshippers in Balally to do our bit to reduce the pressure on our environment brought about by climate change, which is wreaking havoc on some of the most vulnerable people in our world.

During Lent we will include helpful hints in the Parish Newsletter on simple ways to reduce our carbon footprints.

We can make a start by reducing our use of the private car.

Why not try walking or cycling where feasible, of using public transport where it is available, or engaging in car sharing, or careful planning of our journeys, or avoiding sharp acceleration and braking etc.

Why not send your ideas for reducing our carbon footprint into the Parish Office in an envelope marked BEG and we will include them on the BEG notice board in the church.

Incidentally, don’t forget the Trocaire collection box this Lent.

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