• on 17th January, 2018


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Dear parishioners, to date we have received 22 suggestions in the boxes…
a new world record (in the category the most suggestions ever received in
Balally Parish Suggestion Box).

1. All the suggestions were very relevant and have been read and reviewed
at the Parish Pastoral Council.

2. Several of the suggestions have long term implications (heating,
lighting, parking) and are under consideration through the PPC, the Finance
Committee, the Parish office and the Fundraising group.

3. Health & safety concerns are being dealt with immediately.

4. Some of the ideas are very practical and can be dealt with straightaway,
in fact a few things you might notice around the Church already:

Have you noticed that the microphone on the reader’s side has changed

Have you seen the hand sanitizer around the Church and the new candle
lighters (all arising from suggestions)?

There are many other details arising from the record breaking suggestion

5. Other ideas are specific to Christmas and have been noted for next

6. Finally, a few of the suggestions revolved around behaviour in the
Church: all of us are entitled to consider the Church as a *Sacred *Space,
our *Spiritual *home and our *Christian *community.

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