• on 27th October, 2021

Courage, To Be Ourselves

Courage, To Be Ourselves

I remember many years ago there was a daily programme called “The Living Word”.

One morning I was only in time to hear the last sentence :

Lord give us the courage to be ourselves”

The words stayed with me. I thought of their simplicity and of their profound

meaning. How happy and contented we would be, simply by just being content

with ourselves. Think of the peace this would bring us.

God made each one of us unique. Therefore we should be glad of this uniqueness

and learn to accept ourselves for who we are. We don’t necessarily have to wealth

and riches or compare ourselves with others. We would be content with the great

gifts of good health and enough food not to go hungry.

So many times in the Bible the Lords greeting was “Peace be with You”.

and also at Mass, we are invited to share this greeting with each other.

The simple phrase “ Lord give us the courage to be ourselves” might alter our views

on success and happiness and bring us the greatest, richest goal to aim for.


From a Parishioner.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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