• on 14th November, 2021

Dei Verbum Reading Challenge: Week 1

So, how it going with the Dei Verbum Reading Challenge? By way of encouragement, here’s a summary of Bishop Rober Barron’s introduction to the challenge, below;

Also the reading material is available here;



  • Much debate, over 60 years on the meaining and nature of Vatican II

  • There are three widely accepted interpretation groupings of Vatican II

    • Vatican II is an INVALID BREAK with Church teaching

    • Vatican II is valid CONTINUATION of Catholic Church teaching

      • The core mission and the teachings of the Church remain

      • Vatican II serves as an encouragement and clarifier of the core mission

  • Vatican II was the start of a COMPLETELY NEW Church

    • This group refers to the SPIRIT of Vatican II

    • A SPIRIT to change doctrines, practices and institutions

  • The Pope who established Vatican II saw its fundamental purpose as a MISSIONARY purpose

  • The commonly held view at the time of Vatican II was that the Church’s “neo-scholastic” theologial approach was INSUFFICIENT for the Church’s missionary role

  • The approach of Vatican II was to use the more POETICAL language of the early Church & Scriptures

  • Vatican II is a set of meditative, theological essays design to PERSUADE rather than CONDEMN

  • Not many people have read the Vatican II texts, this is part of the problem of its continued, diverging interpretation groupings




Photo by furkanfdemir from Pexels




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