• on 11th April, 2021

Divine Mercy Sunday: 11th April 2021


The Second Sunday of Easter is known as the Divine Mercy Sunday. It is the Sunday when the Gospel Account speaks of Forgiveness and the authority given to the apostles of Christ to forgive sins in his name throughout the world. It is the Scripture account of the “Institution of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.”

As it is the second Sunday of Easter we continue unpack what Salvation means; a reconciliation between God and mankind – a bridging of the gap – a healing of relationship somehow perforated by sin, illustrated poetically in the story of creation.

In private revelation, it also marks the weekend when we recall the revelations of St Faustina of God’s Divine Mercy. Catholics are free to accept, or not, the literal nature of approved private revelations but should piously adhere to their content for use in contemplation and as long as they remain in accordance with the Gospels –which is, Divine Revelation.

The story of St Faustina precisely does that. It affirms that God’s ocean of mercy opens up for sinners, as it did on the cross – and that reconciliation is there for us, if we want it. But, as St Teresa of Calcutta has said, “so tender is God’s love for us, that he will not force himself upon us”. We must be open to receiving his forgiveness – which is freely offered this day, and always.



Artwork: “Jesus Forgiving Peter” by Robert Hanley

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