• on 27th October, 2020

Father Dermot’s Climate Bill 2020 Concerns

We attach an extract from a letter sent by Father Dermot Lane to the three TDs in our local area, namely Catherine Martin, Neal Richmond and Ossian Smyth. This letter was sent in a private and personal capacity.

I also want to welcome the new Climate bill. It is a significant step forward.

However like so many others I have some serious concerns.

1. What about implementation, legal enforceability of targets,  democratic accountability

Very few, if any, of the commitments that Ireland made since 2015 have been delivered. At present there are too many loopholes concerning targets for 2030 and 2050.
2. I was very disappointed to notice that the language of a ‘just transition’ mentioned in 2019 Climate Action Plan  seems to have been dropped. In the current Bill there is only one reference to justice and that is a rather obscure reference.
3. The bill, it seems to me, lacks vision and values and without vision and values it will be very difficult to effect behavioural change and without behavioural change we will continue to stumble and move towards different, irreversible tipping points

In brief, I sense throughout the bill a worrying ethical and spiritual vacuum. No references to social justice. No references to solidarity. No references to the intrinsic value of natural habitats.

Now is the time to reshape this draft bill.

I look forward to meeting you at some stage.

In the meantime I wish you continuing success in your vitally important work concerning the draft bill and political decisions in the future.

Best wishes for now

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