• on 10th May, 2019

Frank Kenna: An Appreciation

“Anyone who I had contact with was very kind to me and I hope to see them now and again” – Frank Kenna, Frank Kenna after 9 years of service in the Parish is retiring. This is a big loss for the Parish and the Parish Centre as Frank was very helpful and became very much one of the community. Frank always reliable helped with gardens available to give a hand to people around the centre. There have been many happy moments. Frank remembers the fun he had when Sandra Lambert organized a surprise Christmas party during the hottest day of summer and he had to put up the Christmas tree as he melted with the heat. He had great chats and craic with Bill, Tony, Tom and Vincent who between them have solved every world, European and local problem during these nine years. The saddest moment Frank remembers was the funeral of the victims of the Carrickmines disaster. The sadness tempered by the efforts of the community to reach out and make everyone welcome and cared for. Frank says that the building of the Parish Centre was the biggest change over these years as it brought people together. He has got on with everyone and remembers those that have gone back to God particularly Tess Armstrong and Peggy Mc Grath; exceptional women. When Frank asked Peggy to say a prayer for him she told him that she always prayed for sinners. Frank was only meant to be in the Parish for a while but months became years and years became more years and suddenly nine years have gone past very quickly. We hope to see Frank often around here as he is very much one of us and we hope that he will often drop in to have a chat and help the lads to continue to solve the world’s problems.

Thank You Frank!


Fr Peter, Fr Dermot, Brid, Paula, Bernie.

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