• on 12th March, 2021

God’s Loving Presence: A Reflection

God’s Loving Presence

Most of us have experienced the pain of loss at not been able to be with those we love during these strange times. The loving presence of a son or daughter, a grandson or granddaughter. We have all suffered grief, some more than others.

Thankfully due to modern technology we have been able to keep in touch with our loved ones by phone, Zoom, or e-mail. So many different methods to ease the loss of the physical contact.

If we ponder for a moment on God’s love for each one of us, we perhaps may realise that He would also like to spend time in our presence.

He is the One who gave us life.

We are lucky therefore that anytime during the day or night we can spend time with the Lord. No phone, no Zoom, no e-mail required. All it takes is to turn our thought’s to the Lord.

He is always there waiting for us.


From a parishioner.

Artwork: “The Master’s Touch”, Greg Olsen


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