• on 2nd April, 2021

Holy Week Timeline: Good Friday

Good Friday (see Matthew 26:57-27:66; Mark: 14:53-15:47; Luke: 22:54-23:56; John 18:12-19:42)

Christendom’s great day of mourning. Today, the Church’s liturgy speaks loudly the language of sign and symbol. The altar is stripped bare. Priests lie prostate at the altar steps. The service is not a Mass, but a liturgy commemorating our Lord’s crucifixion and death through readings, solemn prayers for various intentions, the veneration of the Cross, and holy Communion. Today the true paschal Lamb, Jesus the Christ, is slain. It was no accident that Jesus offered Himself in sacrifice at the very time of the Jewish Passover. At twelve noon He is nailed to the Cross and at three o’clock, when paschal lambs were being sacrificed in the Temple, He breathed His last (Parsch, 329-33).
By courtesy of Catholic World Report.


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