• on 19th March, 2021

How can I actively participate in the Holy Week Liturgies, 2021?

Here are some suggestions:


  1. Prepare your sacred space

Use a lid of a biscuit tin or a plate and place the following items/Holy Week symbols on it:


A small evergreen branch,                                                      Palm Sunday

A piece of bread or biscuit,                                                     Holy Thursday

A cross (you can bind two little twigs together)  Good Friday

A stone                                                                                                       Holy Saturday Morning

A candle                                                                                                          Easter vigil

A piece of purple ribbon or cloth                                            Good Friday

A piece of white ribbon or cloth                                             Easter Sunday

An Easter Egg/treat


  1. Pick a green branch
  2. Make your own cross (pick up some twigs on your daily walk bind it in the form of the Cross fix with blue-tack or tinfoil)
  3. Pick up a stone from your garden or from your walk, you will need it for the special “Harrowing of Hell” on Holy Saturday Morning. In Easter week you can place it on the grave of a loved one.
  4. Place the cross in a prominent position on Good Friday, drape a purple cloth around it.
  5. On Thursday after the 20.00 Mass the Blessed Sacrament (the Altar of repose) will be in the window of the Church till midnight.
  6. Make or buy a beautiful white candle for the Easter Vigil: it can be decorated with flowers, 4 nails can be placed close to it as a reminder of the ‘wounds’ that the priest will insert into the Paschal Candle, a clear recipient with fresh water. The purple draping on the cross can be replaced with white.
  7. The Easter Egg (you probably don’t need instructions for its use!)

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