• on 7th March, 2020

Instructions for Altar Society and Eucharistic Ministers: March 2020

Instructions for Altar Society and Eucharistic Ministers: March 2020
1. On Sunday the ministers should leave the church to wash their hands in the sacristy with running water (Our Father) and then proceed to the sanctuary.
2. When distributing Holy Communion please cover the hosts with a purifier (white cloth with a cross)
3. Eucharistic ministers are asked to be the last ones to receive communion when all the community have received.
4. We will not use the very large host during the emergency. Only the priest’s host should be brought up during the offertory procession.
5. Please use gloves to place the hosts into the bowls.
6. Three or four Bowls will be kept in the tabernacle so that hosts are not moved from one bowl to another.
7. After Mass please wash all the bowls and chalices that have been used (soap and hot water).
8. We will try and wipe with cleaner down the pews/door handles/ tables after Masses. Volunteers are much appreciated (Thank you Grace and Kay for highlighting and doing this on Saturday).
9. Please inform the Parish Priest of any risks that you perceive. We will update the parish emergency to-do-list as often as is necessary.
10. There is an emergency/urgent WhatsApp group controlled by the Parish Priest. This group informs of funerals and other important information in a timely way. It will be used if necessary during this emergency. If you wish to be a member please text your name and your area of the Parish (not your address) to 0894824671
N.B These are not the ten commandments but they are important. Let’s do everything we can as best we can without panic. We can only do our best to care for each other. We still must make Balally a very welcoming place for everyone. There is only one race in Balally and that’s the human race. All children of the one God.
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