• on 21st November, 2021

King of the Universe, King of my Heart?

Today is the end of our liturgical year. We’re “Graduating” , so to speak.

Today we anticipate the end of all time, as we know it.

On that day Jesus will return to earth, as the Glorious King of all things, living and dead. But, on that day, who will be able to confess to Him “I love you Lord Jesus, I have listened, intently, to your voice, I’ve been preparing for this day for all of my life, you are King of my weak heart”

Image by courtesy of havenlight.com

Artwork: “Heavenly Blossoms” by Yongsung Kim

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  1. Since the web cam was changed I find it impossible to find live streaming of Sunday mass. I log in as per the instructions in the Mass newsletter that is https://www.balallyparish.ie but cannot find anything to indicate live streaming or webcam. I know of other people who are having the same problem..

    1. Hi Dermot,

      Please go to https://www.balallyparish.ie/live/ and click on the green circle/white triangle to view the live broadcasts.

      Kind Regards, Balally Parish Web Team.

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