• on 21st November, 2018

Let Us Not Forget

*This November we have prayed for those who died uselessly in useless wars.
This Photo, taken by a Parishioner on Monday, was sent to the Parish with
just 4 words. “Let us not forget”. It is accompanied by a little known
poem by a Canadian woman : *Marjorie Pickthall (1883-1922).

*The sad and tired face of a soldier of the Great War (The Artist, Martin
Galvaby, made the statue from scrap metal. On exposition in St. Stephens
Green until this week end.)*

Marching Men

Under the level winter sky
I saw a thousand Christs go by.
They sang an idle song and free
As they went up to Calvary.

Careless of eye and coarse of lip,
They marched in holiest fellowship.
That heaven might heal the world, they gave
Their earth-born dreams to deck the grave.

With souls unpurged and steadfast breath
They supped the sacrament of death.
And for each one, far off, apart,
Seven swords have rent a woman’s heart.

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