• on 12th November, 2021

Look Forward with Joy

Look Forward with Joy

I’m sure that most everybody by now is well and truly tired of the

constant reminders of the situation regarding the covid pandemic.

We all know by now the guidelines to follow in order to keep each

other safe.

I personally made a decision that I would focus my thoughts on

the joyous season of Christmas. I think we are all due for a happy

celebration. What greater cause for celebration, than the coming

of the Infant Child. The birth of Our Saviour. A reason to look forward

to with joy. Out of love for all of humanity He came into our world.

His coming brought us the promise of eternal life.

I love the giving and receiving of presents at Christmas and I thought

what present could I give to the Lord . A little prayer I wrote over

20 years ago came to my mind:

Dear Lord I realise I mostly

Come asking for favours

To-day I’d just like to be

In Your Presence

Let my heart respond to your Love.



From A Parishioner.


Image by courtesy of CCO Stencil

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