• on 20th December, 2017

Looking Forward to 2018: The Parish as a Family of Families.

*2018 will be a huge year for the Church in Dublin. Pope Francis will be
coming in August for the World Meeting of Families (21st-26th August). The
parish of Balally wishes to participate fully and we already have a special
programme. Lent and Easter will be powerful times to consider the Family in
all its dimensions and definitions. We will unveil our intentions in
January. *

We also hope to host people who are coming to Dublin from all over the
world to participate in the event so if you would consider how you could
help in the hosting please leave your name in the parish office.

The updating of the Parish infrastructure:

Our Parish Church and Pastoral Centre are wonderful spaces for worship and
community gathering. A large part of this was built with the hard earned
pennies and pounds of Balally Parish. The Parish Team and the Pastoral
Centre Board feel a strong sense of duty to keep the Parish Property as
Safe , Welcoming , Beautiful and Christ Centred as possible. This re-quires
permanent up-keeping and minding. It involves a lot of work from the staff,
the maintenance teams, the gardening team and many others. We have to
address the heating and lighting difficulties in the Church, we have to
enhance our storage capacity and entrance into the Parish Centre and
Office. We also have resonance difficulties in the Parish Centre that need
to be resolved. We want to put in more special-needs parking areas and
renew the entrance into the Church to make it safer in stormy and
windy con-ditions
(… and much of the heat in the Church disappears through the doors and
windows without as much as an ‘excuse me’ or ‘by your leave’). The Bell
Tower has to be fixed and reinstated ….

Indeed many plans that you must know about and that we will keep you
informed about as the year goes on.

All this practical work is only in function of the Pastoral work that goes
on in the parish: especially the Sunday Liturgies, the Sacramental
Preparation, the dignified celebration of the Requiem Masses, the daily
Masses, the Rosary, Eucharistic adora-tion, the Advent Morning Prayer, the
Thursday Evening Prayer, the Prayer of the Church in summertime and the
many other spiritual and charitable efforts that take place in our Sacred
Space….. plus all the gatherings, joy, formation, friendship and events
that take place in the Parish Centre.

This all happens because of the generous contribution of time, talents and
treasures of our parishioners to whom we are im-mensely grateful to and
proud of*. The Parish Team. *

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