• on 16th August, 2017

Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue

Remember the beautiful song that Katy Blythe and the other Pittsburgh Pilgrims left us with on that glorious July night a few weeks ago? Well, by courtesy of Navan Parish, here are the words to that song, in the form of a Prayer Card to Our Lady. We are eternally grateful to both Katy and Navan Parish!!




Lovely Lady Dressed in blue,

Teach Me How To Pray,

God was just your ‘little Boy

Tell me what to say!


Did you lift him up, sometimes?

Gently, on your knee?

Did you sing to him the way

Mother does to me?


Did you hold His hand at night?

Did you ever try

Telling stories of the world?

Oh! And did He cry?


Do you really think He cares

If I tell Him things –

Little things that happen? And

Do the angels’ wings


Make a noise? And can He hear

Me if I speak low?

Does He understand me now?

Tell me – for you know?


Lovely Lady dressed in blue!

Teach me how to pray!

God was just your ‘little Boy’,

And you know The Way.

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