• on 4th May, 2020

Mass: What’s It All About?

Mass: What’s It All About?

Father Peter has been taking us through various aspects of the Mass over the last couple of weeks. Here are the questions he has been posing and attempting to answer, so far;

  1. Why called Mass?
  2. Why is Mass on Sunday?
  3. Why does the priest wear a dress?
  4. Why does the priest wander around the altar?
  5. “You’ll never heat this place with 2 candles “?
  6. A few oul’ flowers?
  7. The stone rejected by the builders?
  8. Why isn’t there a Mass to Mary?
  9. The altar cloth: the ancient tradition?
  10. “You forgot to blow out the red candle”?

The series continues over the coming weeks….are you able to give answers to any of the questions, so far?

What questions do YOU have about the Mass, that you’d like to see answered?



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  1. For Sunday 24 May 2020 – In answer to Father Peter’s request for a favourite poem, favourite hymn and favourite violin piece here are my choices:-

    Favourite Poem – ‘Youth and Age’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge – This poem is said to be one of Coleridge’s most romantic poems contrasting youth and old age. The entire canvas of life changes as we grow old, and things take on a different meaning….and in spite of our perceived frailties it is our thoughts however which keep us young and hopeful.
    I have adopted this poem which was often recited by my dearest mother who is in heaven. Each time I hear it or read it, it reminds me of her and brings back floods of loving memories especially the verse beginning:-

    “Flowers are lovely; love is flower-like; Friendship is a sheltering tree; O! the Joys, that came down shower-like of Friendship, love and liberty, Ere I was old! Ere I was old? Ah woeful Ere, which tells me, Youth’s no longer here! O Youth! for years so many and sweet, ‘Tis known that thou and I were one, I’ll think it but a fond conceit – It cannot be that thou art gone!
    My Favourite Hymn – I love the universal prayer ‘The Our Father’ sung so beautifully by Andrea Bocelli.
    He sings this hymn with such respect and fervour that it touches your innermost being and is spiritually uplifting.
    Another hymn choice is ‘Be thou my Vision’ which has often been sung in The Church of the Ascension, Balally. It is one of the oldest and most beloved traditional Christian hymns of Irish origin and the verses speak to us …..that at every moment of our lives God is our vision above all else.

    My Favourite Violin Piece has always been:- ‘Brahm’s Lullaby for Violin, Op. 49, No. 4’. (The Cradle Song)
    I have loved this music (and the lyrics) for as long as I can remember since my childhood to the present day. It was sung to me as a child and I in turn sang it to mine. The lullaby and I go back a long way and it always touches my heart every time I hear it.
    Coming in as a good second would be: Mascagni’s ‘Cavalleria rusticana: Intermezzo’. This is a timeless piece of music which always evokes many happy memories for me. This music produces the feel good factor which is a tonic we all need now more than ever.

    1. Thank you so much Freida!

  2. If only the webcam had a ‘Rewind’! The internet, if it does fail, invariably goes down just as Fr. Peter is starting the Homily.
    Is there any way that they could be posted on this website, either in words or as a recording? We really miss ‘Jimmy Finnegan’s’ adventures!

    1. Unfortunately not at the moment Tony! But we will explore these options from our webcam service providers.

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