• on 31st October, 2017

Miracles Do Happen, Even Today!

By Courtesy Of Bishop Robert Barron, www.wordonfire.org

Friends, yesterday’s Gospel (LUKE 13:10-17) gives us a wonderful story of 
Jesus performing a miracle, something he still does today. I want to
draw your attention to an extraordinary book by Protestant scholar Craig
Keener titled *Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts*.
The most surprising section of the book contains his reports of some of the
millions of miracles that come, even today, from all over the world.

I’ll relay to you just one case from Keener’s book. Ed Wilkinson’s
8-year-old son was found to have two holes in his heart. Surgery was
scheduled and, while he was waiting, Ed prayed, but he was struggling with
doubts. When his son asked whether he was going to die, his father was
honest with him.

Ed’s pastor decided to hold a prayer service for the boy, during which
hundreds gathered to pray for his recovery. The day of the surgery arrived,
and Ed was told the surgery would take four to six hours. After about a
half hour, the surgeon entered the waiting area, and Ed feared for the
worst. Instead, the doctor had inexplicable news: there were no holes in
the boy’s heart. They had simply closed up.

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