Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross were designed and created by the artist Sallie O’Sullivan especially for Balally Parish. They were made in 1982 at the request of the then Parish Priest, Fr. Randles, and have become an integral and unique part of the church.

The stations are extremely unique as they were made using a supplementary weft technique. It is not a tapestry weave although warp and weft both show on the face. The imagery is constructed into the weave on the face of the woven cloth.

Acid super Milling Dyes were used to create the wonderful colours, while the yarns were mothproofed with Mitin F.F during dyeing to protect them.

At the time it was not thought that this technique was ever used for the Stations of the Cross.


“We adore You o Christ and praise you,
because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.”


station 1The First Station

Jesus is condemned to death

(Matthew  27:26)








station 2The Second Station

Jesus receives his cross

(John  19:17)








station 3The Third Station

Jesus falls the first time

(Isiah  63:5)








station 4The Fourth Station

Jesus meets his mother

(John  19:26)








station 5The Fifth Station

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus
to carry his cross

(Luke  23:26)








station 4The Sixth Station

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

(Matthew  25:40)








station 7

The Seventh Station

Jesus falls the second time

(Psalm  22:14-15)








station 8The Eighth Station

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

((Luke  23:27-28)








station 9The Ninth Station

Jesus falls the third time

(2 Cor  12:9)








station 10The Tenth Station

Jesus is stripped of his garments

(Matthew  27:35)








station 12The Eleventh Station

Jesus is nailed to the cross

(Luke  23:33-34)








IMG_8802The Twelfth Station

Jesus dies on the cross

(Luke  23:44-49)








station 13

The Thirteenth Station

Jesus is taken down from the cross

(John  19:38-40)








station 14The Fourteenth Station

Jesus is laid in the tomb

(John  19:41-42)