The Torah Scroll



Torah Scrool




“In the book of the scroll it is written I delight to do your will” (Ps. 40:7-8)

One of the most sacred objects of Jewish ritual is known as the TORAH SCROLL.

The “Torah Scroll” is the name given to the scroll that is used in the synagogue for the reading of the Torah (the Pentateuch) during liturgical services.  Such a scroll must be written by a specially trained scribe who is required to follow very strict rules when writing the text.

He must use only specially prepared parchment from the hide of a ritually ‘clean’ o ‘kosher’ animal, and he must write with a quill in black, durable ink.  He must employ a special script that is characterised by crown-like flourishes at the top of certain letters.

Everything about the Torah Scroll, the material on which it is written, the way in which it is written, its ornamentation and its untouchable character, are all calculated to stress its holiness and to create in the People a sense of reverence for it.

Note that the inscription on “The Torah Scroll” piece is from the Book of Psalms, verse 40.