Church Organ

Hanley Wrinkle Memorial Organ

The Hanley Wrinkle Memorial Organ was designed and built in 1983 by Kenneth Jones and Associates in consultation with Professor Gerard Gillen. Funding for the organ was secured by Fr. Patrick Lyons from the Irish Ecumenical Movement in the form of a bequest from the Hanley and Wrinkle families, both members of the Church of Ireland.

This neo-baroque organ, which is located in the church gallery, employs tracker action keys and an entirely mechanical stop action. It has two manuals, great and choir, and a full pedal board. The pipes for the choir department overhang the gallery, forming a symbolic and acoustic link between the assembly both upstairs and down. It combines modern features such as the clean lines of the casing with stylish classic nuances like the hand-scripted stop labels. This beautifully constructed instrument serves to enhance the weekly liturgy of the parish.


 The Organ