The parish is a large family. As in any loving family, the members are quick to support anyone who needs help. We are blessed in Balally Parish to have over 30 varied groups working to keep our parish running smoothly.  All these groups are made up of volunteers, giving of their time and talents for the benefit of their neighbours. Without them, well, the parish would be very much poorer in every way.

You will get details of most groups on the Groups web page.

To maintain and to expand these services, and to reduce the load on individual members , there is a need in most groups for additional members.  If everyone carries their bit of the load, the load becomes light.
Why not do your bit and have a go.  Pick a group you might enjoy and give it a year or two.  You might find you enjoy it so much you want to stay longer! You meet great people and make new friends and you feel a greater sense of belonging to the parish. 

The Parish Office will put you in touch with any group where you can find out more about what is involved. You are needed and will be most welcome!

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