• on 30th July, 2021

Our Guardian Angels

Our Guardian Angels

I consider myself very lucky as I grew up in a time when a daily prayer to my

Guardian Angel was routine. As a young child I had pictured my Angel as someone

with wings as depicted in most holy pictures. Of course you could never see these

Angels visibly. Now while I am not suggesting that Angels like these do not exist, I am

convinced that there are many Angels that we can see and talk to every day of our


These are the people who are there help us along life’s journey. A friend or neighbour

Who we can turn to in times of trial. Our own families who care about us and shower

us with love and affection. The very many people who look after the sick and help

feed the hungry. The people who helped keep our churches running all down through


Yes, God has sent us many Angels all through our lives.


O Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

To Whom God’s Love Commits me here

Ever this day, be at my side

To Light and Guard, To Rule and Guide,





Image by Enlightening Images from Pixabay

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