• on 8th September, 2021

Our Lady’s Birthday: 8th September 2021

Our Lady’s Birthday

Regardless of age, we all look forward to our own special day, our birthday. We never fail to awake with a feeling of gladness and anticipation. We listen eagerly for the flap of the letter box and wonder who will have remembered to send us a Birthday Card. No doubt there will be some bills in the post but our eye’s light up when we spot an envelope which we know contains a card. We are happy that we have not been forgotten on this special day.

Today we celebrate Our Blessed Lady’s Birthday.

We all know the joy of celebrating our own Mother’s Birthday (even sadly if they
are no longer with us). For the love a of a Mother knows no bounds. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is our Mother too. Perhaps on Her own special day We could ponder on her joys and sorrows also, just as our own Mother’s did. The joy of the birth on Her son Jesus. The joy of his presentation in the temple. All the joys and laughter between a Mother and child. His crucifixion and death on the cross pierced her heart with sorrow.

So, today, we can turn to Our Blessed Lady In Heaven with confidence
In her tender loving care for every one of us. Her love knows no bounds.


Please ask your mother, in heaven, to bring you a step closer to the Joy that was always in her heart;

“Ave Maria, Grazie plena Dominus tecum”


Kissing the Face of God
by Morgan Weistling


“This painting was inspired by the phrase ‘kissing the face of God,’ which I heard in a song many years ago,” said the artist. “I immediately thought of a composition with Mary and baby Jesus and how Mary had the privilege to hold God in the flesh in her arms. She cuddled and kissed him just as all mothers do with their babies. God chose to send his Son into this world in this amazing way — in pure humility.”

“Kissing the Face of God” is one of Morgan Weistling’s iconic images, a portrait of light and love with universal appeal.

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