• on 12th June, 2015

Parish Accounts Report 2013-14



Detailed report available for download here.

Dear Parishioner,

As the Finance Committee of the parish, we have pleasure in publishing a copy of the Parish Accounts for the year July 2013 to June 2014. Again we are offering the accounts to Parishioners through the Church notice board, through copies available in the church porch, and through the parish web site (balallyparish.ie).  This change will reduce the outlay, financial and administrative, associated with the distribution of the annual accounts.


The day to day expenses involved in the running of the parish include the maintenance of the church and presbyteries, heating and lighting, insurance, the running of the parish office, the support of our two primary schools, and the promotion of lay ministry. These expenses are met through the Family Offering collection, which is the primary source of income for the parish. We hope, therefore, that you will continue to support the Family Offering collection with the same generosity that you have shown up to now. More and more people are now contributing to the Family Offering via Banker’s Order and we find that this method is very helpful from an administrative point of view and, therefore, we would like to request that you consider this payment option in support of the weekly Family Offering if it is convenient for you. If it has been some time since you set up your Banker’s order we would be most appreciative if you would consider reviewing your subscription.


With reference to the parish fundraising for the Parish Pastoral Centre to date: The Parish Finance Committee has decided to contribute a further €100,000 out of the Lay Ministry Fund to the overall capital expenditure of the Centre. This decision is based on the fact that the parish has been paying this amount on lay ministry costs over the past 11 years.  You will note from the accounts that €40,000 was repaid to the lay Ministry Fund through the tax rebate and the personal contributions from parishioners.  On the positive side this now reduces the deficit to €60,000. However, on the negative side, the church roof requires remedial works at an estimated cost of €80,000.  It has been decided therefore, to roll these two major projects into one and set ourselves a new overall target of €140,000.  In order to raise this sum, we will need to continue and reinvigorate our fundraising efforts and would welcome your suggestions on how best to achieve this.


Based on the 0.7% of GNP undertaking from the UN Millennium Development Goal, the Finance Committee has also decided that from now on, it will contribute 0.7% of its income from the Family Offering and the new Capital fundraising account to meet the recommended UN  target of support from the first world to the developing  world. We believe this is something that is right in itself and that we should be doing this as a parish. We hope that perhaps this decision might prompt you to review your contributions to the parish. It is proposed that this contribution would be paid to Trócaire annually.


We also want to thank those who support and run the monthly 400 Club draw and the weekly Bingo.


In conclusion, we thank you for your continuing support of the Family Offering, the building fund and the two church collections. The first Church collection is for the payment of the priests of the Diocese, both active and retired and the second church collection is for the SHARE fund of the diocese.

With personal good wishes and deep appreciation for your support

Yours sincerely,



 Ciaran Callan                   

(Chairman)                 Roy Finnegan                  Jennifer Farrelly                            Liam Marren                             



Dr. Dermot A. Lane,                        Fr Peter Byrne                                     Bríd Fitzgerald


  Summary of Receipts and Payments – Year Ended 30 June 2014
RECEIPTS 2013/14 2012/13
Family Offering (1)   68,611   65,784
400 Club (2)   18,228   15,562
Bingo & Other Fundraising   5,876   11,315
Donations   1,947   5,829
Landscaping Donation   10,000   –  
Missalettes,Catholic Papers & Newsletter   1,143   1,041
Shrines Etc.   3,667   3,645
Tax Rebate (3)   19,187   –  
Bank Interest   524   1,339
Miscellaneous   2,400   4,712
Special Collections (Closing Balance)   1,445   –  
    133,027   109,227
RECEIPTS – Pastoral Centre    
  Pastoral Centre Income   27,380   –  
  Pastoral Centre Fundraising   10,844   28,585
  Tax Rebate (3)   19,187   –  
  Transfer from Projects Account   –     364,771
    57,411   393,356
TOTAL RECEIPTS   190,438   502,583
Salaries & Wages    46,967   53,288
Rent, Rates & Insurance   7,649   8,584
Repairs, Maintenance & Security   7,983   8,993
Heat & Light   9,067   11,069
Altar Supplies, Shrines etc.        1,816   1,071
Missalettes & Catholic Papers   4,562   4,713
Payments to Parish Schools      –     2,485
Telephone & Postage   1,495   1,539
Stationery    3,356   3,006
Audit Fees   923   923
Bank Interest & Charges   973   1,245
Lay Ministry, Education & Liturgy   3,942   2,982
Confirmation & First Communion Expenses   800   521
Other Expenses (4)   4,909   8,015
    94,441   108,434
PAYMENTS – Pastoral Centre    
  Building costs   6,685   479,363
  Pastoral Centre Costs   24,207   –  
  Transfer to Projects Account   40,000   –  
    70,892   479,363
TOTAL PAYMENTS   165,333   587,797
Opening Bank Balances   39,462   124,675
Receipts   190,438   502,583
Payments   (165,333)   (587,797)
Closing Bank Balances   64,567   39,462
1. Family Offering is the primary source of income.    
2. Net Receipts after prizes and expenses.    
3. Tax Rebate has been allocated between parish and pastoral centre on a 50:50 basis
4. Other expenses includes parish expenses and costs of supply priests  
Funds on deposit with the Diocese
Opening Balance   98,712   458,849
Bank Interest   2,345   4,634
Transfer to/(from) Projects Account   40,000   (364,771)
*   141,057   98,712
*This balance is made up of compensation for land acquired and gift designated for 
 Pastoral Ministry less capital sums used for renovating the Church and Schools.
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