• on 30th December, 2021

Peace Corps: An Invitation from Father Jim

Peace Corps: An Invitation from Father Jim

I hope you all are having a blessed and safe Christmas. Thanks to all who participated in the Christmas liturgies in person or online. Thanks to all of you who organised them and made them happen

I want to invite you to two forthcoming events.

1. A reunion of Medowbrook Peace Corps Saturday 8th January at 6.00pm Mass.
As a young priest in St Attracta’s, I helped set up The Peace Corps for young people.
They were fantastic. About 80 were involved in caring and service in the parish.

Maybe we can do something with and for young people in Balally now. So, if you are young or know young people invite them to come on Saturday 8th January at 6.00pm.
Who knows what the lord has in store.? The Meadowbrook folk Group will sing at the Mass.

2. I will meet all of you who are active in the Parish on Wednesday 12th January at 7.00pm in the Church. New people most welcome. More on that next week.

In the meantime, on behalf of myself and Father Dermot we wish you all the blessing of God
for 2022


Father Jim

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