• on 22nd November, 2020

Remembering Our Dead: Alive In Christ

Brendan gave us a beautiful reflection on how we should remember those that have died, at the end of today’s Eucharist. Hear his reflection once more and bring your loved ones closer to your heart and the heart of Jesus;

“Everyone loves to be remembered.

But if we want to be remembered, we have a duty to remember others.

Memory is a powerful thing.
Wrongly used it can bring death rather than life.
Rightly used it is a form of immortality.

To remember is to ‘make alive’, again.
Those we remember never die, they continue to walk and talk with us,

Their influence is still felt, among us.

There is nothing stronger or more helpful than a good remembrance.


In the Eucharist we remember all of our dead as alive in Christ,

We remember the kindness, generousity and Love with deep gratitude in this liturgy,

Their memory brings Life and Hope to us, today,

They also assure us of life to come.

That gift of New Life that Christ came on earth to offer each one of us

That gift of Eternal Communion, which is celebrated and anticipated in this Eucharist.”


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