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The Parish Office produces a weekly newsletter, distributed at Sunday Masses. This newsletter contains the latest news from the Parish, events of local interest and events of spiritual interest. You’ll always be able to view the latest Balally Parish Newsletter, in addition to an archive of our newsletters by clicking here.



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A well designed, comprehensive and up to date website is considered to be an essential component of any modern organization and our parish is no different in this regard. Through our website we hope to engage with believers and non-believers locally and worldwide, thereby making the Good News accessible to people who otherwise might not have this opportunity. Also, it is an opportunity to showcase our parish and hopefully encourage people to become members of our worshipping community where feasible or alternatively another church community. Also, it will serve as a conduit for people who want to become more involved in parish organizations and activities.

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Social Media

Balally Parish Facebook Page

Balally Parish is active on social media. You can keep up-to-date with all Parish activities on our Facebook page, in addition to receiving immediate updates when our web-pages are updated.

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