• on 14th February, 2021

The Everlasting Bonds Of Love: Engelbert & Patricia Humperdinck

Please pray for all parishioners and all parishioner’s families who are currently suffering from COVID-19 or who have died from COVID-19.


By courtesy of Aleteia.org

Famed English singer Engelbert Humperdinck has reportedly lost his wife to a battle with COVID-19. The 84-year-old Catholic crooner thanked his fans for their prayers before giving a touching tribute to his wife, Patricia. 

Humperdinck announced on social media that he and his wife had become infected with COVID-19 earlier this year. Crux reported February 5 that Patricia had been “hit pretty hard” by the illness. Patricia, who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for almost a decade, reportedly stopped eating and drinking after contracting the coronavirus. In a bid for spiritual support, Engelbert asked for prayers:

I’m sure God will send the right message and the right angels and the right people over to put their hands on her. Please help with prayer. That’s the most important thing,” Humperdinck wrote.

Two days later, Crux reported Patricia’s passingThrough the pain of loss, Humperdinck’s words reflected the singer’s Catholic faith. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to well-wishers who supported Patricia with prayers in her final hours. Engelbert went on to write a touching tribute to his wife, who he said received last rites from their nephew, Fr. Paul. 

A beautiful reflection

The full text was posted to Instagram, with a picture of the couple. In his tribute, he noted that Patricia was anointed with water from the fountains at Lourdes before she died:

“Our family is heartbroken over the loss of my darling wife. Last night she slipped softly away, as if by God’s clockwork …” He continued, “She was surrounded by our children, Louise, Jason, Brad, with Scott on FaceTime … Her earthly limitations no longer hold her down as she is freely running the glorious gardens of Heaven, reunited with so many loved ones. We prayed as a family, blessed her with the water from Lourdes and off she went … ushered into the arms of Jesus with help from the generous heart filled prayers from all around the world.”

Independent Catholic News reports that Humperdinck’s family has long held a strong connection to Lourdes. In the 1980s his daughter, Louise Dorsey, took part in the Hosanna House and Children’s Pilgrimage Trust’s (HCPT) Easter pilgrimage to Lourdes. The following year his son Scott went as well. The family have been regular attendees and contributors ever since.

Phil Sparke, Chief Executive of HCPT, was quick to offer condolences from the Lourdes shrine. He wrote:

“We were very sad to learn of the death of Patricia last Friday.” He added: “I have written to the family to express the condolences of the HCPT family, and Patricia and the family will be included with all our prayer intentions at Mass this Sunday by HCPT’s Trust Chaplain.”

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