• on 10th June, 2021

The Love of the Sacred Heart: A Reflection

The Love of the Sacred Heart

While reading yesterdays story “Love Changes People”, ( a beautiful account of love) I

remembered that this Friday we celebrate the great feast day of the Sacred Heart. A day

to remind ourselves of the great love Jesus has for each one of us. Indeed Jesus himself

told us that the greatest commandment is Love. If we could but learn to trust in this Love,

what needless worry we might save ourselves. Just that little prayer,

Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in You”

Is so reassuring.

A long time ago when you entered someone’s house you would almost certainly see a picture of

The Sacred Heart and lying somewhere would be a copy of a little Red Magazine, The

Messenger, dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

This little book has been in circulation since 1888. In this magazine you would read

many letters of thanksgiving for favours granted. While not every request we pray for

Is granted, we can be assured that our prayers are always heard.


From: A Parishioner

The Sacred Heart Messenger is still being published, find out more here;




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