• on 16th October, 2015

The Mysteries of the Parish: The Power Behind the Altar

Over the next few weeks we will outline the different workings of the Parish, the teams, boards, societies and organizations that allow our Parish to thrive.

Second Episode: The Power Behind the Altar : The Parish Pastoral Council …PPC

Last week we examined the Parish Team. This team operates with the advice of a group of people who have been elected or chosen to represent the different demographic realities of the Parish; the PPC. These men and women keep the Parish on the track of its Mission Statement and ensure that decisions are taken after careful debate and consensus.

The Parish Pastoral council is the fulfilment of the vision of the Church handed down by Vatican II. It puts the lay members and the clerical members of the Church together as a single body, a single Spirit and a single community.

Read more here; https://www.balallyparish.ie/more-about-us/parish-groups/pastoral-council/

Next gripping instalment: Who turns on the microphones? (The indispensable workings of the Altar Society and the Liturgical team)

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