• on 11th December, 2015

The Week That Was @ Balally Parish

Golly Gosh this has been a busy time in the Parish. The New Parish Pastoral council introduced the council members at all Masses over the weekend. The PPC was also available afterwards to speak to people who dropped into the Pastoral centre. The PPC represents the voice of the parishioners in the decisions and plans of the Parish.

Their first initiative was the sowing of the Tree of Hope; a lot of thought and work went into this event which took place on the 8th of December after 13.10 Mass. (There are 5 questions below about the Tree of Hope… )

Sunday the 6th of December also saw the Annual Jam Sale (there were cakes and a raffle too). And together with the proceeds from the Carol Service over €1,600 was raised for the new Roof. Besides being the best jam in all of Balally Parish it was another example of the great work done in aid of the Parish.

The most enjoyable Carol service got us all into the Christmas spirit! Thanks to all who helped out with the sale and with the festive refreshments after the Carol Service.

On the 8th of December, the Holy Day, we were joined in Mass by the children from St. Olaf’s, Queen of Angles and some students from St. Tiernan’s. The Masses marked the beginning of the Holy Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis to inspire us all to reflect on the God of Mercy and to practice the Works of Mercy.

The Tree of Hope was planted to represent the beginning of the Year of Mercy in the Parish.

Every morning of the weeks of Advent a faithful group of people have been gathering in the Church. This group uses prayer, music, silence and light to prepare spiritually for Christmas.

Five Questions about the Tree of Hope:

1. Why is the Path around the Tree of Hope in the form of a Question Mark?

2. Why is there a yellow ribbon holding the Tree in Place?

3. What do the red bricks around the pathway signify?

4. Why was it planted on the 8th of December?

5. Who are particularly remembered by the Tree of Hope?

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