• on 2nd July, 2019

To Light A Candle, An Everlasting Prayer

To light a candle.

The practice of lighting a candle as a sign of prayer is of long standing among Catholics, but it may become a mechanical, or ill-understood, or almost superstitious gesture. The following is a prayer which attempts to restore to it something of its genuine spiritual content. It can be displayed on or near a candelabrum or shrine for use by the faithful. Already in use in someĀ parishes in the diocese of Derry, it came originally from France.


May this candle be a light for you to enlighten me in my difficulties and decisions.

May it be a fire for you to burn out of me all pride, selfishness and impurity.

May it be a flame for you to bring warmth into my heart towards my family, my neighbours and all those who meet me.

Through the prayers of Mary, virgin and mother, I place in your care those I come to remember especially ….

I cannot stay long here with you in your church: in leaving this candle I wish to give you something of myself.

Help me to continue my prayer into everything I do this day.


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