• on 30th October, 2015

Website Of The Week

The month of November brings with it some very interesting feast days and celebrations. We celebrate “All Souls day” on 2nd (Bethany Mass on the 15th Nov). On the 1st of November we celebrate the feast of all the Saints (a feast which, begins the evening before, a hallowed evening, holy evening … from whence comes the name Halloween).

The Church wanted to remember all the saints, known and unknown on a single day. It wished to remind us of the armies of great people who have gone before us over the centuries and also gently hint that we should all aspire to holiness.

There is a multitude of saints so for this week’s website (WOW) we offer some websites that might help you find your favourite saint, Irish or almost Irish… Irish Saint of the Day:

Saint of the Day

There’s also a link to an archive of saints! Irish Saints Feast Day Calendar:


Wikipedia list of Irish Saints:


Universal information on saints:


Calendar of Saints:

http://catholicsaints. info/calendar-of-saints/.

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